Cashback shop pages

Cashback Tracker adds special section in your site Cashback shop.

Such pages can be good for SEO purposes, also users can check such pages to see actual cashback values and other statistic for each shop.

Each page will have Logo (as Featured image) of advertiser and several fields which will be filled automatically. Also, such page has Content Area and Custom sidebar area where you can add text content, shortcodes and other things for better presentation of each merchant.

You can create custom template for shop pages.

Binding to advertiser

Make sure that you have Module ID and Advertiser ID, if you want to have proper connection between page and modules and "Go to shop" button with tracking. All other fields are optional

You can place domain name in Advertiser ID, plugin will find correct merchant

Auto creation of Shop Pages

Make next steps if you want to create pages automatically for all advertisers

- Go to Cashback Tracker -> Advertisers.

- Click Refresh all advertisers

- Click Create all pages

You can add advertisers also manually

Editing Advertiser

All fields will be generated automatically, however, you can rewrite some fields (for example, merchant name or cashback notice) in Shop info panel.

You can add logo of shop as Featured image

How to make shop list and shop archive

Create page on your site and use special Shop list shortcodes

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